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Anterrabae, 18V, FATA, & Atreyu Show...

Hey everyone, just felt like I'd do a little post on my review of the show at The Masquerade in Tampa, Fl. Feel free to comment with whatever, hope this helps anyone. The show was the 21st of May. There we go:

:@-%-@: During the Show :@-%-:

This is the first time I've seen this band. And, prior to this show, I had heard one song by them online. They sounded pretty hardcore. They played an amazing set. They were a really an amazing band. Mixing hardcore with metalcore turning out to be a metallic hardcore feel to them. It's sad they don't get the recognition they deserve, because it's becoming so overly mainstream. Lots of bands are going for the hardcore or metalcore genre and scene in music. Highly reminiscent of The Bled and Every Time I Die. They had above average crowd reaction. A few pits opened up, but nothing insane; since they were a band that most people probably hadn't heard of or too much of at any rate, including myself. They were a good warm-up for the pits to come. I saw Ben and a few others get in the pit, but I stayed along the wall to save energy. I'd list songs if I knew them, but as I said it was my first time seeing them live and hearing most of their music. I recommend these guys a lot if you like bands like The Bled and Every Time I Die.

Eighteen Visions:
The last time I saw these guys it was at an Atreyu show awhile back, I believe with Himsa. Anyways, these guys played much better than I remembered. They did an extremely good set. I know for a fact they played 'Vanity'. I think some of the others I remember hearing were 'She's A Movie Produced Masterpiece" and "Champagne And Sleeping Pills". Also, I think they played some of their new stuff from their upcoming new album entitled "Obsession". They had mentioned their song, "Waiting For The Heavens" video, so I'm sure they played that song. It's been awhile since I listened to my 18V music so I don't remember all that they played. But, that's not even the point. They put on an amazing show. They got a really good crowd reaction. And, as always the main vocalist James Hart took off his shirt.

Towards the last like two or three songs, there was a pit to my left as I looked toward the stage. I had gotten pushed back from the crowd to the wall. Then, out of nowhere to my right a few people start moshing each other in a confined, minsicule space. It got progressively and expotentially bigger with each passing few seconds, until it was as large as the other pit. I was in this small two-file line of guys on the wall keeping the two pits from connecting which wasn't so bad. Then, James Hart yells into the mic: "I see a pit to my left and to my right. I want to see those pits fucking connected, right fucking now!" That's when both pits rushed towards the other and while we should have stayed together to defend the onslaught of moshing kids; we didn't do that. We all just started pushing and punching each other as the kids bombarded us.

Amidst the moshers, I lost my Atreyu hat! I was getting kicked, punched, and headbutted like fucking insane. I managed to defend against most of it at a large expense of my energy. But, once I noticed that my hat was somewhere on the floor, I took a deep breath and went straight into the middle to find it. I pushed and punched people to get my most prized hat. That shit cost me $10, and I'm a broke mother fucker. So, after the longest thirty seconds I've endured, I found my hat untouched. Which is remarkable considering there were like 30-40 kids moshing right on top of it, and it wasn't smashed or anything. I got that shit and went back towards the wall. The wall didn't want me though, they kept throwing me back, until I threatened to start punching them. Then, they kinda let me stay with some pushing.

This one chica was such a fucking cunt. She really pissed me off. She had short hair and a black hat, that was highly reminiscent of my ex Jacqui in body appearance. I've seen her at numerous shows, but this time she really got on my nerves. She's one of the crazier girls that punches people purposely. I hate that. I love girls that mosh, but that purposely fuck people up is just fucking stupid. Sure, people are going to get hurt, and it's done by accident most of the time. I just hate the people that look for someone that's done nothing to them and tries to fuck them up. Anyways, she hit me with a modest elbow shot that surprisingly left a little, teeny bruise on right pectoral muscle about the size of a small mole. I told her in a non-aggressive voice, "Don't hit me." She replied with "What the fuck did you just tell me?!!" Don't get sore people, calm the fuck down. I'll usually pat someone on the back, shake their hand, or hug them to let them know it's nothing personal after I hit someone or I'll help them back up. I reply with, "I said don't fucking hit me again!". She didn't hit me again, I'll say that much. She just picked a bad time to bitch at someone. And, don't think I hit women. I don't. I despise guys hitting women, that's really cowardly on their part. So they can feel 'manly' to have that type of control to use a woman as a displacement punching bag. But, she wasn't being a chica. She had no problems purposely hitting others, and a few others complained about her which was not surprising at all. Some guy with a blank tank top said to not mess with her that she'll get her friends and herself to whip my ass. I don't give a shit, bring that shit. I may get the shit kicked out of me, but she will go down and won't be back. That applies to man, beast, or god. I hate dishonorable fights, too. Bring yourself and maybe a friend to two to make sure no ones ends up dying and so they have someone to help them out after the fight, don't bring a whole bunch of people, that's just fucking cowardice in it's purest state.

Anyways, enough bitching. I saw Cory Wade and Bonnie from my old school. I hadn't seen either in like two years or so. I told them that Josh and Stef among others were here and pointed in the general direction where they might have been. I pretty much lost everyone in that pit. Van2 had been right where the second pit opened up. So I had wondered if she was ok. After the pits, I found where my other friends were and I paid AJ my last four bucks to get as much water as she could. Mike, Alex, and I were dying of thrist. I don't think I've ever wanted to drink water that badly as right then. AJ came back right before FATA started playing. Water cost three fucking bucks and sodas two bucks! For that show, I was pissed to have to spend that much. I gave some to Mike and Alex, offered it to a few others and then downed that shit.

From Autumn To Ashes:
I don't remember the last time I saw FATA, but they were amazing as I had anticipated. They just are an amazing group all around. Another amazing set to add to the night of good bands playing their music. This was more for the emocore kids or a mix thereof. A good portion of this set I was pretty much right behind the wall and just rubbing up against everyone that was pushing. I was next to Mike, Cory, Cory's g/f Crystal, and I assume one of Crystal's friends. There were a few times were I had to dodge Cory's waxed spikes from hitting my face. I use to use wax, and I never liked it when it got on my face. Just clogged pores up like nothing else. They had some great pits. I helped two people crowd surf during this set. Heavy bastards wearing me down. I didn't mind though.

Then, Benjamin Perry the lead vocalist of FATA brought on one of their main techs to thank him for being such a great help. Which I love when bands do that, because they get the fame for the show, but the techs don't get any of the spotlight. Kinda like Techies in Drama clubs. Everyone remembers the actor or actress, never the stage helpers, so I know that aspect of it. I've been there before. So, it's always nice to see something like that. I think it was their guitarist or that tech guy's birthday as well. Everyone shouted "Happy Birtyday [insert name]". I don't remember it. It slips my mind right now. I want to say Glenn, but that's prolly not it.

But, they played songs like "Euology for an Angel" and "The After Dinner Payback." And, my favorite of course "Cherry Kiss" which was a huge fan favorite that they played for their second song. More people got excited for that than the others from what I saw. I don't remember the other songs, because I was paying more attention to some of the 'scene' kids. You know, the girls that wear skirts and the guys that wear handkerchiefs to show off their scene points. I think I glimpsed a ninja or two around the pit. I got tossed in and was totally beat up during their pits. I managed to hold out till a song ended, then made my way out while FATA played like two or three more songs. I had taken major damage and was completely dehydrated.

At this point, I was on the right side of the venue. I saw Alex Varkatzas, lead vocalist in Atreyu, coming by me. And, I was just totally fucking psyched. A guy stopped him for a moment to shake his hand and say a few words. I knew that Alex was trying to get some refreshment from the bar right by us, so I didn't stop him for long, just enough to meet him. I did one of those pull-in handshakes where you grapple the hands, pull your shoulder to theirs, and pat them on the back. And, the big thing that scored points is that he wasn't a dick about it. He was pretty happy to see a few fans greeting him. So, I think of that man as a god. Some band members are just complete dicks and cold shoulder their fans. It's not every day you touch a god. So, that was prolly my major highlight of the night, no doubt.

I made my way towards the back over by the other bar. I couldn't find Van2, so I just hung out to relax from being torn up. I saw Robbie and Joey, they stopped to talk for a moment. Then, I ended up going to the bathroom to wash my face and drink some faucet water. I was way too thristy to worry about any cancer or bad chemicals in the water. I didn't give a shit, as far as I'm concerned it'll help my immune system by making it stronger from getting some practice if it doesn't kill me. After FATA is done playing their set, I see Mike head towards the bathroom. I owe him a few bucks, since he bought me a second water. Also, he told me where Van2 was at. So, I went to where she was, and then we moved to the left side of the venue to get ready for Atreyu.

Well, my legs are hurting not just from standing up the last 6-7 hours, but from being kicked in the shin at one point. So, Van2 hangs out by the railing watching Atreyu, as I sit with Matt Barrett and Kim Lamb. I see Casey looking kinda out of it. I call over to him and he sits down with us. He took a pretty hard hit which I missed but some others saw. He got kicked in the face and was bleeding everywhere. Casey, if you see that guy in the green again at a show we're at, I'll take him down for you. I'll make sure he has to be carried out by a bouncer. Then, AJ joins us in sitting down. So, I missed three songs for my legs to kick in with some strength.

Their opening song is "A Song for the Optimists" which is their usual opener for shows. I think the next two I sat down for were "Ain't Love Grand" and "Someone's Standing on My Chest". Then, they played in some order: "Deanne the Arsonist", "Dilated", "At Least I Know I'm A Sinner", and finishing their set with "Lip Gloss and Black." They played some new songs, too: "Right Side of the Bed", "Bleeding Mascara", and "You Eclipsed By Me." Which are three of four of my favorite new songs off their The Curse album coming June 29th. Also, as an encore song they played Bon Jovi's classic "You Give Love A Bad Name." Which I haven't heard in quite some time. "Bleeding Mascara" sounded so fucking amazing live. It sounded and was played harder than their older stuff. However, they did lose points not playing my favorite song by them, "A Vampire's Lament." And, they should have played "Demonology & Heartache" from their new, upcoming CD.

But, Atreyu played an amazing set with the best moshes that I could see. And, I feel like such a little bitch not to say more about it other than watching it from the sidelines and not getting the action of the pits, especially during the band I praised the most. I let myself down on that one. But, I still enjoyed every second of their set. I expected fucking amazing, and those expectations shattered everything I had anticipated prior to the show. I forgot the lyrics to "At Least I Know I'm A Sinner" when they played, I mistook it for "A Vampire's Lament." I don't know how, but I did. The new CD is good, not better than "Suicide Notes..." but damn good. Definately worth buying. I'll be buying it the same day it comes out to support the group.

Actually, Marc McKnight played extremely well, in place of Chris Thomson. I didn't even notice a difference in sound, almost like it was a little harder and softer at the same time on different notes. Also, Alex Varkatzas dedicated a song to his supporting crew and their merch guy. Which, as I said, is a good thing. Those guys never get any recognition. I wish I could describe the pits from personal experience, but just too fuckin' sore to get in them this time.

Alex Varkatzas and Dan Jacobs jumped into the crowd to do some surfing. I saw Ben jump off the stage at some point to do a little crowd surfing. He says no one else saw him, but I did and I'll write about that shit. Brandon Saller has such an amazingly harmonious voice. I love the dichotomy Alex and Brandon have on stage when they sing. They give so much energy to their shows. Which gives the crowd more to react to.

:@-%-@: After-Thoughts :@-%-@:
Just a quick run-through for the people that don't feel like reading about my life or my experience:
- Anterrabae were an amazing band. I want to go out and get their CD entitled "Shakedown Tonight!" I recommend that you guys give them some support. Visit them at They mix hardcore with metalcore, and I know it's been done so many times. But, these guys are pretty refreshing from the generic metallic hardcore bands.
- Eighteen Visions played a hell of a set. They were much better than I remembered. I still think their main vocalist, James Hart is an arrogant guy, but they still played amazing. These guys know what Metalcore is all about. They have a few CDs out, and their newest is entitled "Obsession" coming soon. Visit these guys at
- From Autumn To Ashes makes women crazy with their mix of screamo vocals and emocore-ish melody. These guys were definately the fan favorite. I think they had more fans than Atreyu, but I'm pretty biased for Atreyu. So, I don't know. But, check them out at They came out with "The Fiction We Live" not too long ago, go pick it up and be amazed.
- Atreyu fucking destroyed it. I'm just pissed at myself that I didn't join the pits for that one. I'm going to have to wait for them to come, and I guarantee I'll be in those at all costs, even if after I must be carried out in a fucking bodybag, mauaha! It's possible, that's how hard their pits can be. Their new CD entitled "The Curse" hits June 29th, so support these guys. If you download the new CD like I did beforehand, then just buy their album to let them know you love them like I will. They give us hours of music, so we can just give up a few bucks to support them. Visit them at or
- Scenes From Verona is all about Tampa hardcore at it's best. Please show them some love. They are really a great bunch of fellas that gave their demo to FATA and hung out with Atreyu for a little bit before the show. So, hopefully you guys can help spread their name around. Listen to them, join the community I co-lead with others that's getting it's wings prepared for flight: scenesfrmverona. Visit them at their temporary site:

I think that's pretty much everything that went on, except for a few details. So, I don't know. It was a blast that night. I was really blown away. I'm glad everyone enjoyed themselves, not one person should complain about that show. Those guys played so good. Show your support. Thanks to anyone who actually reads all this inane shit. Hah. Latez all.
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