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The Unveiling...

Well, I think it's time to show this shit off. I'd first like to thank Jewlee(jewlee182) and Mike(orochi_jounin). They were a tremendous help. Actually, they did most of the work. I just had the ideas and certain things envisioned for what I wanted for this. So, thank them for all this. They made my ideas come off of mental thoughts and onto pictures. Jewlee and Mike worked off each others ideas. Though, Jewlee did most of the design look, and a good portion of the background while Mike handled the banner, AIM icons, and LJ icons.

The background is a littlew shabby, but because at the last minute I decided to go from 800x600 resolution to 1024x768. So, Jewlee had to add some more. We'll redo the background with it being a little more scattered and more lyrics. But, her effort has been great. I keep screwing with Mike and my idea pitching. Giving him the wrong lyrics and being a total macho ass by screwing around with new ideas and not picking them. But, I love working with them, even as annoying and frustrating I prolly am to them; they still love me. Muahah.

I still have plenty of ideas that I'm looking into for this. I still need to send some info to the band about this. I wanted to wait to get things presentable before I showed them. And, as it is, things are coming together. SFV just redid their site's appearance the other day. Looks pretty good, kinda matches our theme we have going, so it looks nice. I'll work with Mike and Jewlee - as time allows - over the weekend on finishing up most of the appearance issues, ideas, and looks.

I think that's a good size update. Start supporting, niggers. *<3*
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